It’s your last fling-before-the-ring and you’re ready to flamingle in style. So we’re bringing Palm Springs to you, where the sun is hot, the living is easy, and the desert is your oasis. Keep reading to learn how you can be the wife-of-the-party, Palm Springs-style. 

First things first - in Palm Springs, we brunch. That’s right. Before heading poolside we get a bit dolled up and head to one of our favorite brunch spots. Not too casual, not too fancy, let's slip into some resort wear and go to that place we’ve been dying to get reservations at. But not before we make some Wife of the Party Spa Girl Cocktails.  Celebrate going from Miss to Mrs. with this go-to before-noon cocktail! Make it a bachelorette party to remember with this perfectly peachy combo of champagne and strawberry. In SoCal we’re always down for a little pre-gaming! 

Here’s your first cocktail making lesson of the day!

Wife of the Party

1 1/2 oz. Spa Girl Cocktails Peach Vodka
4 oz. Champagne
Splash of St. Germain
Fresh Strawberry (for garnish)

Pour all ingredients into a shaker. Shake over ice. Serve straight up and garnish with a fresh strawberry.

Don’t worry, what happens at brunch stays at brunch. Your secrets are safe with us!

After brunch we’re of course heading to the pool. Palm Springs is famous as a poolside retreat, so we’re setting up bar and serving our take on the lemon drop, She Found Her Main Squeeze. This delightfully chic and easy cocktail is refreshing in all the right ways, just what you need to stay cool while you’re sunbathing. It’s a little something old, a little something new...however the saying goes, we made it just for you. 

She Found Her Main Squeeze

3 oz. Spa Girl Cocktails Cucumber Vodka
¾ oz. Lemon Juice
½ oz. Ginger Syrup or Domaine Canyon liqueur
4-5 Mint Leaves

Muddle mint with ingredients. Shake over ice. Serve straight up with edible flowers.

What’s next?

You’ve had a day in the sun and the temps are cooling just a bit.

That means it’s time for our third cocktail of the day. Because what would a last hurrah be without a few do-it-yourself cocktails. Sure you’ve been reaching for our ready-to-drink cocktails all day long (our Signature Peach, Pear, and Cucumber are deliciously refreshing) but these quick and easy cocktails are fun and bring out the mixologist in you and the girls. 

The evening hours are perfect for our Bachelorini. This crisp Spa Girl take on the martini is the perfect drink to keep them guessing with that sweet smile and sexy attitude.

The Bachelorini

3 oz. Spa Girl Cocktails Pear Vodka
1.5 oz. Pear Nectar
Splash of St. Germain
2-3 blueberries

Muddle blueberries. Add remaining ingredients. Shake over ice. Serve straight up with a lemon twist.

Now you’re ready for a night out on the town. Dress to impress (because why not?), grab your girls, and hit the scene. Tonight’s your night, Spa Girl! Let’s celebrate! 

Looking for more ideas to make your bachelorette party Palm Springs themed? Here are our go-to tips and tricks!

Try making edible flower ice-cubes! Check out our go-to video here!

 Keep it colorful! Palm Springs is super retro and decorated in fun colors against the desert backdrop. Think Spa Girl’s bright pink and orange!

 Palm Trees decor! Make it festive with Palm Trees balloons, attire, and decorations!

 Spa Girl Cocktails Cans! The perfect addition to your festivities, these ready-to-drink grab-n-go cans are great for sipping poolside or in your hotel room as you get ready. Plus, there’s a flavor for everyone in your bridal party! 

 Relax, have fun, do you! This is a no pressure celebration. Have fun your way and enjoy yourself, it’s your party! 

Ready to get the party started? Shop our Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Pack for all your boozy bride-to-be essentials!

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