spa girl cocktails: Our story

Want to know the story behind the most award-winning, better-for-you cocktail?

Spoiler alert: It’s filled with pink retro décor and a female-empowered attitude.

Spa Girl Cocktails was conceived in Palm Springs, CA, surrounded by infamous dinner parties, elegant décor, and deliciously whimsical cocktails. A little vodka here, some natural flavoring there, an edible garnish or two—why not?—and the radiant Karen Haines at the bar, gently stirring a cocktail to the sound of some vinyl record her husband picked out.

“I wanted to create an experience and a lifestyle, not simply a beverage. Our cocktails are a mindset—a culture, if you will. Spa Girl is the woman next to you who encompasses mystery, radiates boldness, and exudes a striking confidence that makes her stand out in a crowd. She is the life of the whole damn party, and everyone knows it," said Karen, Spa Girl Cocktails founder.

Karen, a mixologist at heart, has a magical way of refilling your glass without your ever missing a sip. Her long-standing ability to entrance guests with her cocktails foreshadowed the birth of Spa Girl, a better-for-you cocktail brand that embodies the soul of SoCal and the heart of Palm Springs.

Inspired by the desire to craft a delicious, low-calorie cocktail full of healthier, clean ingredients, Karen knew what she needed to cut through the male-dominated competition: passion.

She found this quality not only in herself, but also in fellow businesswoman Alisa Marie Beyer. Alisa, who is now CEO, is the ultimate Spa Girl. Full of hustle, heart, and passion, she looks out for her team, champions the Spa Girl brand, and radiates the true essence of sisterhood. She was brought on board to recapitalize and reengineer the company.Alisa has done just that.

Having created and sold five companies, Alisa has proven herself as a turnaround entrepreneur. Spa Girl Cocktails is her sixth such endeavor.

Simply put, Alisa’s strength is building and improving products that are meaningful to women.

“Spa Girl Cocktails is the first A-level product to come across my desk that I knew immediately I needed to be a part of. I’ve worked in beauty. I’ve worked in fashion. Essentially, I’ve gone from lipstick to liquor, but Spa Girl, at its foundation, was simply different. It inspired me, and it felt like it was greatness in the making. I can’t put it any more elaborately than that. The brand and the product are just something you need to experience for yourself,” said Alisa.

Conversations with Alisa tell you much more than just reading her resume can. 

At Alisa’s core is a culture, a form of tribal leadership in which she builds women up in a way that begs to be emulated. She’s discovered one of the hidden gems behind Spa Girl: that the women who work with her and for her need Spa Girl as much as Spa Girl needs them. “It’s a symbiotic relationship where no one person is simply ‘replaceable.’ They’re a part of the blueprint of the company,” said Alisa. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Karen is still behind the bar, meticulously and effortlessly (don’t ask us how she does it) mixing and stirring cocktails that transport you to a California sunset and taste like sunshine. Meanwhile, Alisa works the crowd, closes deals, and solidifies investors.

Spa Girl is powered by women, owned by women, and made for women. Most of all, Spa Girl encourages you to be the life of the whole damn party.


Our spirit is all about California sunshine, celebrating with our girlfriends, and cheersing with a damn good, guilt-free cocktail.

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