spa girl cocktails: Our story

Want to know the story behind the most award-winning, better-for-you cocktail?

Spoiler alert: It’s filled with pink retro décor and a female-empowered attitude.

Spa Girl Cocktails was conceived in Palm Springs, CA, surrounded by infamous dinner parties, elegant décor, and deliciously whimsical cocktails. A little vodka here, some natural flavoring there, an edible garnish or two—why not?—and the radiant Karen Haines at the bar, gently stirring a cocktail to the sound of some vinyl record her husband picked out.

“I wanted to create an experience and a lifestyle, not simply a beverage. Our cocktails are a mindset—a culture, if you will. Spa Girl is the woman next to you who encompasses mystery, radiates boldness, and exudes a striking confidence that makes her stand out in a crowd. She is the life of the whole damn party, and everyone knows it," said Karen, Spa Girl Cocktails founder.

Karen, a mixologist at heart, has a magical way of refilling your glass without your ever missing a sip. Her long-standing ability to entertain guests with her cocktails foreshadowed the birth of Spa Girl, a better-for-you cocktail brand that embodies the soul of SoCal and the heart of Palm Springs.

Inspired by the desire to craft a delicious, low-calorie cocktail full of healthier, clean ingredients, Karen knew what she needed to cut through the male-dominated competition: passion.

Karen is still behind the bar, meticulously and effortlessly (don’t ask us how she does it) mixing and stirring cocktails that transport you to a California sunset and taste like sunshine.

Spa Girl is powered by women, owned by women, and made for women. Most of all, Spa Girl encourages you to be the life of the whole damn party.


Our spirit is all about California sunshine, celebrating with our girlfriends, and cheersing with a damn good, guilt-free cocktail.

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