Add a touch of luxury and tons of vitamins and antioxidants to your cocktail with this DIY Rose Water recipe.

Keep your resolutions, and your cocktail. The Still Skinny Vodka Cocktail is here to bring you a low-cal cocktail that you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Kiss 2020 goodbye with the perfect drink to say “cheers” with at midnight.

This festive pomegranate cocktail totally sleighs. Each sip of pomegranate, lime, and blood orange flavors keep you merry, bright, and feeling right.   

Your cocktail needs to accessorize, too! Add flower ice cubes to enhance your drink with this DIY.

This cocktail joins the fall flavors of pear, nutmeg, and cinnamon for a delectable drink that will compliment your Thanksgiving meal.

A cocktail that bleeds in the glass to keep your spooky vibes going.

Add some extra sparkle to the season and get into the spirit with a festive beverage to share with friends and family. Enjoy a delicious bubbly cocktail, but leave excess calories, sugar and carbs behind. 

If you could taste summer nights, it would be this electric cocktail. Peach vodka mixes in flawlessly with Ultima's Lemonade electrolyte powder, creating an irresistible fan favorite.

Clear skies, fields of flowers, sleeping in on Sundays. This refreshing, hydrating cocktail makes us think of hot summer days and warm weekend nights. Our crisp pear vodka with a splash of watermelon creates the ultimate healthy cocktail for daydreaming about the beach.

A delicious, low-calorie, high proof cocktail filled with sweet raspberry notes and a kick of fresh cucumber. Ultima Raspberry adds additional hydration and Spa Girl Vodka adds additional fun, what more do you want?

Who says the luck of the Irish is for just one day? Bring some shamrock magic to cocktail hour every day of the week with this little baby. Delicate cucumber vodka mingles with bubbly Prosecco and freshly picked mint. One sip and you won’t need a leprechaun to find your pot of gold. You’ll know you’ve found it.

When you can’t spend the afternoon lingering by the pool or seaside, pretend you are with this minty-melon indulgence. Serve it ice-cold in festive cocktail glasses, pop in a paper umbrella and voilà: the perfect freshly juiced, boozy sip.

Tart, refreshing pear, meet the muy caliente heat of jalapeño, all shaken up into a distinctive cocktail that transforms every sip into a fiesta. Is it spicy? Is it sweet? Only you can decide.

A lightly sweet, sparkling sip of this deliciously berry-infused cocktail will whisk you away to a Tuscan villa. And if your backyard isn’t magically transformed into the Italian countryside, we suggest you shake up a second.

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