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Hollywood called, they want their Cosmo back. Too bad we’re already sipping like celebs with this cocktail in hand. Sorry, no paparazzi please. 

Summer days, heated nights- talk about the perfect “pear.” This cocktail of choice is the ideal refresher, full of sweet notes of pear, it’s just the right amount of subtle sexiness to transport you to the beach. 

Perfect for any pool party or warm weather brunch, this Peach Bellini with a strawberry twist tastes like summer in a glass.
Try this Spa Girl mimosa for a simple twist on the classic with a tropical pineapple flair. Easy to make, and perfect for Sunday brunch or any occasion.
Flaunt your mermaid waves and drink the cocktail of the sea (and not the shrimp kind).
We’re riding on these beach vibes until summer. Craft a classic on National Cocktail Day with this fruity and fabulous recipe.

James Bond called. He wants his martini back. Too bad you’re sipping poolside with the Bond girls, martinis in hand, basking in the summer heat. Cheers, Spa Girl. This one is for the ladies. 

It’s hard not to be happy with a cocktail this good. This cocktail makes us feel bright and bubbly. 
Lucky you! You get a new delicious drink recipe to sip on.
Honestly, Carrie Bradshaw would’ve been a Spa Girl. Drink like your favorite Sex and the City ladies with this killer cosmo recipe.
Escape this summer to the ultimate spa day with this Spa Girl Mule. With just the right amount of cucumber, this refreshing cocktail will have you dreaming of cotton candy sunsets, salty ocean air, and tropical paradise.
Want to upgrade your seltzer? Add fresh strawberries, fresh basil, lavender, or even other Spa Girl flavors!
California sunshine calls for fresh citrus and cocktails. This grapefruit drink is deliciously satisfying on sunny days. 
We’re loving this remix on the classic margarita. This one’s sweet & spicy and everything you need for National Margarita Day.  

Party like you’re in New Orleans this Fat Tuesday! This cocktail goes with all of your Mardi Gras celebrations. 

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. This cocktail has it all. Enjoy a taste that has a sweet start and a spicy finish with this Valentine’s Day recipe.

What better way to add unique flavors to your drinks than to make your own simple syrups? We made a Lemongrass Jalapeño Simple Syrup and we loved it so much that we had to share it with you!

Get your antioxidants in with this mixed berry delight. This drink is easy and perfect for girl’s night. So call the gals and make it a Galentine’s Day to remember.

We love elegant and uncomplicated recipes. These simple appetizers taste amazing and don’t take up your time.

We all need an easy Bloody Mary recipe in our back pocketfor those Sunday morning brunches and hair-of-the-dog hangovercures. Well, here is yours!

Iced-tea, but make it classy. Who doesn’t love a tall glass of iced-tea on a hot summer day? Well, here’s the Spa Girl take, mature with just the right amount of fun to cool you off and have you celebrating all summer long.

Adding celery juice to anything makes it a detox, right? Enjoy the vitamins and antioxidants that celery juice brings while indulging in your favorite brand of cocktail. Superfoods and Spa Girl make the perfect pair.

This easy 2 step cocktail gives us huge summer vibes! Tropical pineapple and hydrating coconut water take you right to the beach sipping on sunshine.

Add a touch of luxury and tons of vitamins and antioxidants to your cocktail with this DIY Rose Water recipe.

Keep your resolutions, and your cocktail. The Still Skinny Vodka Cocktail is here to bring you a low-cal cocktail that you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Kiss 2020 goodbye with the perfect drink to say “cheers” with at midnight.

This festive pomegranate cocktail totally sleighs. Each sip of pomegranate, lime, and blood orange flavors keep you merry, bright, and feeling right.   

Your cocktail needs to accessorize, too! Add flower ice cubes to enhance your drink with this DIY.

This cocktail joins the fall flavors of pear, nutmeg, and cinnamon for a delectable drink that will compliment your Thanksgiving meal.

A cocktail that bleeds in the glass to keep your spooky vibes going.

Add some extra sparkle to the season and get into the spirit with a festive beverage to share with friends and family. Enjoy a delicious bubbly cocktail, but leave excess calories, sugar and carbs behind. 

If you could taste summer nights, it would be this electric cocktail. Peach vodka mixes in flawlessly with Ultima's Lemonade electrolyte powder, creating an irresistible fan favorite.

Clear skies, fields of flowers, sleeping in on Sundays. This refreshing, hydrating cocktail makes us think of hot summer days and warm weekend nights. Our crisp pear vodka with a splash of watermelon creates the ultimate healthy cocktail for daydreaming about the beach.

A delicious, low-calorie, high proof cocktail filled with sweet raspberry notes and a kick of fresh cucumber. Ultima Raspberry adds additional hydration and Spa Girl Vodka adds additional fun, what more do you want?

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