Why Spa Girl Is Better For You

5 Reasons Spa Girl is Better-For-You

We pride ourselves on being a “for women, by women” beverage that you can feel good about consuming. We created Spa Girl to help you celebrate the moments that matter without the guilt.

Each ingredient was handpicked to make  Spa Girl strong, refreshing, and totally guilt-free. Let’s dive in!

#1: We are a high ABV cocktail, giving you the perfect buzz with just one can.

What is ABV?
ABV, or alcohol by volume, is a metric used to determine the alcohol content in an alcoholic beverage. In this case, it shows what percentage of your cocktail is vodka!

What’s Spa Girl’s ABV?
Our non-carbonated cocktails are 16.5% ABV and our sparkling cocktails are 11.5% ABV

How does that compare?
Spa Girl has 3.4x more alcohol by volume compared to hard seltzers. Meaning we don’t skimp when it comes to your pure distilled vodka! 

Why the high ABV?
More alcohol content means you can drink less and enjoy more. It also means drinking less liquid, therefore, fewer calories, sugar, and carbs. Win, win, win!

#2: We’re zero guilt, zero bloat.

At Spa Girl, we want you to feel your absolute best when enjoying a cocktail, and say goodbye to alcohol bloat. This is why we offer non-carbonated or sparkling options. So are you team fizzy, or team flat?

Team Flat 

We are actually one of the few cocktail brands that offer anon-carbonated option. We know for many carbonation can cause bloat and discomfort…which no one wants when they’re drinking! So with our flat option, you can experience zero guilt AND zero bloat. Win, win!

Team Fizzy

For our carbonated lovers, we use asubtle carbonation that gives you the fizz you love, without the bloat, or that full, bubbly feeling.

Whether you’re sippin’ on a sparkling version or flat all the way, all our cocktails are crafted to be premium. Just for you!

#3 We’re plant-based, vegan, and gluten free. 

We’re happy to say our cocktails are 100% gluten-free! How? We use natural, corn-based vodka instead of wheat.

Why corn-based vodka?
One of the main reasons: it’s natural sweetness let’s us keep added sugar to a minimum! Our vodka comes from a family farm in the midwest that uses sweet corn to make their vodka. This sweet corn gives our vodka the natural sweetness you love with a gentler finish. 

#4: We use natural, clean ingredients, with nothing artificial.

Want to know why your Spa Girl Cocktails are so refreshing and actually make you feel good?! Using natural ingredients  with nothing artificial are two reasons why! 

Let’s break it down. What does All Natural mean? It means your favorite cocktails are…

Made with:

  • Flavors derived from natural essential fruit oils
  • Sweetened with pure cane sugar  

Made without: 

  • Artificial flavors

  • Colors

  • Sweeteners

#5: And finally our secret sauce - Spa Water. 

Each canned cocktail is infused with our signature spa water. It’s what makes your cocktails have their clean flavor and refreshing taste.All your Spa Girl Cocktailsare freshly infused with cucumber water that’s hydrating, refreshing, and so delicious! It’s like self-care in a can. 

So when you’re sipping on a  Spa Girl poolside or at your desk the second it hits 4pm…you know you can feel better about it. Which makes that celebration even sweeter. 

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