An Interview with our Founder: Karen Haines

The business world is changing—and it's about time. Help us celebrate the women who are paving the way for future generations of leaders and innovators. 

In honor of Business Women's Day on September 22nd, we will be featuring the empowering and inspirational stories of women in business. 

Our first feature is an interview with our fabulous founder, Karen Haines. 

Tenacity, passion, and being laser focused on our products and our brand. I felt it was very important to build a lifestyle brand around our ready-to-drink cocktails. Offering women cleaner cocktails with significant amount of ABV per cocktail. Not taking no for an answer, many times I’d be turned away however I’d always ask for a second meeting. I’d work harder and prove the concept of my brand and products.

As a woman in the alcohol industry it was quite challenging at first as there were very few female entrepreneurs/founders. I believe at the time there was about 1% of women in the industry. More and more women are entering the space now. It was hard to be taken seriously, I had to work extra hard, It’s important to always leave a meeting on a positive note and wanting people to to more about your your brand and what is next.

I don’t know where to start! Let’s say many… From being 100% out of product and ordering thousands of the wrong bottles prior to production caused more delays which means added costs. The biggest lessons I’ve learned is that the set backs, failures, delays, trusting the wrong people are defining moments which truly make you stronger and more determined. Those moments and experiences define you. I learn and gain more from these experiences than the successes.

Be fearless tenacious and passionate about everything you do surrounding your brand-your company. Don’t let anyone stop you, most importantly yourself! Sometimes the fear is paralyzing and you feel that you are all alone but you are not. Research everything you can about your space, your competitors, and market. When you believe in yourself so will everyone else.

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