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Meet the #1 best selling vodka cocktail everyone is talking about

The highest proof, best-tasting, lowest-calorie, lowest-sugar, most award-winning vodka cocktail. 

✓ 6 delicious flavors. ✓ Plant-based. ✓ Low-sugar, low-calorie, low-carb. ✓ Made without artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors

Move Aside, Bland Seltzers!

Say hello to a better bubbly. Our premium vodka seltzers are made with the the same award-winning taste, and pure ingredients.

Our Award-Winning Flavors

We bring home the gold. Shop all six of our all-star flavors.


Our high-proof cocktails give you the perfect buzz. Each can contains two cocktails, under 100 calories, so you can enjoy without any guilt.

All the Indulgence, Zero Guilt.

You'll never go back to boring vodka sodas or low-proof, expensive cocktails after this.

Be a spa girl

Happiness is calling. Our buzz is real, and we are shaking things up at Spa Girl Cocktails.

Tastes Like Sipping Sunshine

Our spirit is all about California sunshine, celebrating with our girlfriends, and cheersing with a damn good, guilt-free cocktail.

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